Antoine Arnould

Creator of his own firm, Antoine Arnould shares his passion for nature throughout your gardens. This landscape architect enchants your everyday life, delights your outdoors and beautify your yard by adorning it in the most beautiful way ... The most vivid way!

From his experience, he has a thing for thriving landscapes, a talent for triggering creations and is a past master at revealing nature in its most beautiful gift: life.

Your request is unique. And to understand your expectations to the best, Antoine Arnould takes the time to listen to you and to advise you so that your garden becomes a reflection of your personality.

To take care of your green spaces, Antoine Arnould surrounded himself with a passionate, motivated and mindful staff. His different teams are qualified in various fields related to garden entrepreneurship and they masterfully realize all types of works which reveal a well thought and cleaned garden.

He likes to break free and flowing with the seasons and his inspiration, he develops his own style. His guiding thread: To relate to Nature and its rhythm

Antoine Arnould sprl, the passion of a whole team.




Constantly looking for talented new green thumbs, we offer our new co-workers the freedom to take up challenges and responsibilities. If you are organized, meticulous, audacious and if nature gives you the same passion as it gives us, don’t think twice and send us your resume at